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Design is
where the belly meets the brain.

We are a laboratory of ideas specialized in the investigation of sensory experiences and neuroarchitecture.




We design together with our clients and analyze their needs and those of the design users. We seek together the right solution for each projects and its materiality.




We are passionate about design, and we feel that passion from the belly. We seek to experiment and explore to the fullest. Our goal is to achieve the best design environments.




We investigate neuroarchitecture, spatial perception and sensory stimulation, as well as the effects on user experience, brain and all design possibilities.

Lo que hacemos
What we can
do for you
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Research and analysis of your projects.

Experience and schedule a work session where we can review the objective of your project, look for new perspectives and projections and where we will analyze your needs to find the necessary tools and search for the best design strategies for your project. Through the session we offer you a renewed approach to address the challenges of your project from a perspective based on neuroscience and human behavior strategies and design methodologies.

Our research objectives:

  • Spatial performance

  • Feedback on your project

  • Research methodologies on users.

  • Culture and content.

  • Behavioral psychology and built environments.

  • Neuroscience strategies applied to architecture.

Consulting and project development:

We define our work as associates of our clients because we work and come together to optimize and develop their projects.

  1. Process . Our design process is based on a body of research that includes strategies and methodologies of architectural design, studies of spatial perception, social interaction between individuals, learning and behavioral effects. We collect scientific knowledge on applicable strategies for each project.

  2. Focus. We seek to help clients simplify complex ideas to their basic knowledge and find optimal solutions for design challenges, space functions and profitability of their businesses. We have helped our clients build performance-oriented ideas for spatial functions as well as stimulate and guide user behavior.

  3. The challenges. With a solid base in science, our projects seek strategies so that the functionality and perception of spaces are adequate and sustainable.



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